Best Real Estate Agent in Townsville

Finding the finest real estate agent is essential for navigating Townsville’s competitive and dynamic real estate market. Choosing the perfect professional who not only has the knowledge and expertise but also knows your specific wants and goals can be overwhelming with so many agents vying for your attention. But there is the best real estate agent in Townsville who stand out from the crowd. Due to their unmatched dedication to customer pleasure, in-depth understanding of the market, and exceptional track record of successful transactions, these agents have established an outstanding reputation. The finest real estate agents in Townsville have established networks, have a thorough awareness of the regional market trends, and use cutting-edge tactics to achieve the greatest results for their customers whether they are buying, selling, or investing in real estate. These agents are the go-to partners for people looking for a smooth and satisfying real estate experience in Townsville thanks to their professionalism, ethics, and steadfast dedication.

1. Giovanni Spinella

Best for Market Knowledge
Contact Details 040 6664 191
Property Sold Ninety-Eight (98)
Agency Ray White Townsville

It was an easy decision to choose Giovanni, and we were confident he would obtain the best price. Giovanni is a terrific agent, and we suggest him to everyone who wants to sell their property. He arrived with all the information about the neighborhood and had a plan to sell our house. Giovanni is very knowledgeable about the local market, and he WILL get the best result. Giorgio and crew Townsville, Ray White.

What makes them stand out 

  • Property Valuations
  • Information about the neighborhood
  • Knowledgeable about the local market

Customer Reviews

Giovanni was completely clear, focused, professional, and positive in his commitment to the sale of our property and the team at Ray White provided great communication at all times.

2. Damien Keyes

Best for Achieving their real estate objectives
Contact Details 04187 814 21
Property Sold Fifty-Three
Agency Keyes & Co. Property

Damien Keyes, who has 28 years of expertise in the real estate and property industries, uses a distinctive approach to assist his clients in achieving their real estate objectives. Because Damien skillfully blends professionalism and approachability, many of his clients have bought and sold multiple properties with him over the years. In 2012, he and his wife Kirsty established Keyes & Co Property, a prosperous real estate company in Townsville, from which they may continue to serve their neighborhood for many years to come. Damien leads a group of talented and dedicated career real estate agents through his real estate sales platform, and they all share the same passion: assisting people in realizing their real estate aspirations. Damien is living out his own ambition, and he will leave a lasting legacy by assisting those on his team to realize their own potential and share in the highs and lows of their real estate careers. Damien is truly enthusiastic about the path that lies ahead and is deeply passionate about Keyes & Co. Property and the job the company does through its agents and clients alike.

What makes them stand out 

  • Enthusiastic
  • Deeply passionate
  • Own ambition

Customer Reviews

As the seller’s agent, Damien took the same care and approach with us as the buyers. He and his team were available on several occasions for contractors to do quotes on-site and for the final inspection prior to our settlement date. He also provided knowledge and support as a potential buyer or leaser for me and my existing property. Highly recommend him and his team. Danielle and Brock

3. Adrian Raiteri

Best for Hassle-free sales process
Contact Details 0427 673 612
Property Sold Sixty-Seven (67)
Agency Harcourts Kingsberry

Representing Townsville’s Harcourts Kingsberry. Adrian has a marketing degree and previous expertise in real estate marketing. Adrian is passionate about real estate sales and the overall client experience. Adrian is the appropriate agent for you if you want a hassle-free sales process where no request is too difficult, while still bringing out the full potential in your property and getting the greatest sale price.

What makes them stand out 

  • Helpful
  • Full Potential
  • Greatest sale price

Customer Reviews

We engaged Adrian to sell our house and he was absolutely amazing, he kept us up to date constantly whilst we were overseas and went above and beyond during the whole process he even assisted our long-term tenant in finding a new rental property.

He was confident, and honest and offered us great market advice which worked perfectly and got us an amazing result. We would not hesitate to use Adrian again for future sales.

4. Karyn Voevodin

Best for Her outstanding communication
Contact Details 04176 160 04
Property Sold Sixty-Five (65)
Agency Explore Property

For almost 20 years, Karyn Voevodin has worked as a real estate agent in Townsville. She is well regarded as a dependable representative and advisor by many citizens of the community.

Karyn gives her all in every scenario because of her outstanding communication and negotiating skills. She enjoys both her job and interacting with people, which makes her a motivated and considerate real estate agent.

Karyn delivers the highest level of negotiating skills, industry knowledge, and sales ability to every property she represents because she was raised in Townsville and loves family and community.

What makes them stand out 

  • Dependable representative and advisor
  • Industry knowledge
  • Loves family and community.

Customer Reviews

Karyn was lovely to deal with and always was quick and courteous in regards to responding to our many enquires

We will definitely be back with any more real estate business we have In the future

5. Brad Matheson

Best for Residential sales and property management
Contact Details 04187 776 70
Property Sold Fifty-Seven (57)
Agency McGrath

For more than 30 years, Brad Matheson has been the team leader in Townsville for the team that specializes in residential sales and property management.

Brad’s dedication to producing exceptional results is well-known in his neighborhood. The committed sales agent is a knowledgeable real estate expert with many years of expertise in the field. He has earned a reputation for going above and beyond for his clients to obtain the finest result.

Working with McGrath allows Brad to leverage a recognized brand with a long history of excellence in the marketplace. Brad is known for offering a dependable, honest, and professional service that produces outstanding outcomes. He also shares the company’s focus on customer service, innovation, and quality.

What makes them stand out 

  • Knowledgeable real estate expert
  • Produces outstanding outcomes
  • Long history of excellence

Customer Reviews

We had the pleasure of working with Brad to sell our house, we were very happy with the great service and sale outcome. From start to finish, he was committed to a successful sale. We were impressed with Brad’s knowledge of the local real estate market and he took the time to understand our needs and provided “Honest” advice. During the sale, a call or a text was answered promptly. We would recommend Brad and his team to anybody who is considering a sale in Townsville.

6. Taylor Pearce

Best for Genuine relationships with both buyers and sellers
Contact Details 403093225
Property Sold Sixty-Six
Agency Ray White

Taylor is a young and highly motivated member of the Ray White Kirwan office. He creates a true connection with both buyers and sellers because of his natural ability to communicate and reduce tension. He is passionate about real estate and goes above and beyond to help you meet your purchasing and selling objectives.

Having been very successful in the industry for over 5 years on the Gold Coast, he understands the importance not only of great customer service but of results that exceed expectations. He has a very strong work ethic and is willing to go the extra mile to reach the best outcome for his clients.

Outside of work, Taylor loves keeping 

physically fit which keeps him mentally fit as well. With a young family, he knows the importance of making the right property decisions for you.

What makes them stand out 

  • Making the right property decisions
  • Very strong work ethic
  • Great customer service

Customer Reviews

lobe working with this guy he is really become a good family friend and we are very satisfied with everything that he has done for us keep it up mate.

7. Julie Mahoney

Best for Constant performance
Contact Details 04282 428 17
Property Sold Ninety (90)
Agency Ray White

Julie Mahoney has a natural talent for getting exceptional results for her clients. She is one of Townsville’s best agents, and her constant performance places her among the top agents in the area. The outcomes speak for themselves when you pair this with her sincere passion for real estate, working with people, and the Townsville region in general. Julie has a genuine passion for the Townsville area. She has worked in the sector for more than ten years and has a thorough awareness of the neighborhood’s market and its residents. It is therefore not surprising that she has a large clientele and extensive local knowledge as one of her many assets.

What makes them stand out 

  • Natural talent for getting exceptional results 
  • Go the extra mile for her clients
  • Completely open and honest in her communication

Customer Reviews

Julie and her team recently helped us secure a property in Townsville. She was incredibly responsive and helpful to our enquiries. She found us a home that we love. The whole experience was great and felt like dealing with a friend. 10/10!

8. Martin McDonough

Best for Remarkable negotiating and customer service
Contact Details 438174898
Property Sold Eighty-Four (84)
Agency M Property Townsville

Martin is well renowned for going above and beyond to include his clients in all stages of their sales while offering open and knowledgeable advice as a long-term property investor, buyer, and seller.

At the young age of 18, Martin began a successful sales career with the extremely successful corporation Coca-Cola Amatil. His remarkable negotiating and customer service talents were quickly appreciated. By the age of 22, he had been given a Major Sales Managerial position, which required him to teach, direct, and coach senior sales employees for seven years. Martin is dedicated to providing his owners with the best results possible, and he holds the view that every client is a lifelong client. Martin now gets the majority of his business from recommendations as a result. Martin takes satisfaction in setting a standard that other real estate professionals are constantly trying to imitate. He has 21 years of combined sales and real estate expertise.

Martin places a lot of importance on cultivating relationships and the advantages that come with them in addition to his professional and personal lifestyle.

What makes them stand out 

  • Cultivating relationships
  • 21 years of combined sales and real estate expertise.
  • Remarkable negotiating and customer service

Customer Reviews

We want to thank Marty so much for the work he did in selling our beautiful house. He went above and beyond our expectations, he was easy to talk to, open and honest with us at all times. Thanks Marty and team.

9. Sam Musumeci

Best for Real estate business.
Contact Details 04124 691 04
Property Sold Forty-Seven (47)
Agency Harcourts Kingsberry – Townsville

You should use Sam Musumeci as your agent. He is passionate about representing his client’s interests throughout the entire buying and selling process and possesses the necessary expertise.

Sam is all too aware that purchasing or selling property can be one of the biggest and most difficult choices you’ll ever have to make. Sam will guide you through each stage professionally and thoughtfully with his friendly and caring manner.

Sam is a native of North Queensland and has over 30 years of experience in the real estate business. Sam is a first-generation Australian Italian who was born and raised in Innisfail. He keeps steadfast family and ethical values with his Italian background at the forefront.

What makes them stand out 

  • First-generation Australian Italian
  • Steadfast family and ethical values
  • Representing his clients’ interests

Customer Reviews

Sam was helpful in the sale of my house, he put the extra effort to make sure the deal went though. Thank you Sam.

10. Mark Pritchard

Best for Recognizes the value of diligence and excellent communication
Contact Details 419705796
Property Sold Forty-Seven (47)
Agency Ray White Munro & Co

Due to his longevity and outstanding performance throughout his seven-year career, Mark has earned a well-deserved and respected reputation within the Townsville real estate market.

His devoted clients have strongly supported the diligence and energy on which his success is built. He is goal-oriented and customer-focused, and he recognizes the value of diligence and excellent communication.

Mark is an expert in Modern Construction and very educated about his area of expertise. Both sellers and buyers appreciate Mark’s affable demeanor and professionalism.

When you pair this with his official training in negotiating, it seems to sense that his outcomes speak for themselves as evidence of his ongoing success.

What makes them stand out 

  • Affable demeanor and professionalism
  • Goal-oriented
  • Customer-focused

Customer Reviews

Mark Pritchard offers an exceptional Townsville real estate service, and has delivered me an excellent sale result. Mark managed the transition of my Idalia investment property from rental management (shout out to my outstanding rental manager Sarah Tuxford – also from Ray White TSV), through property improvements, furniture staging, open homes and private showings, to sale and settlement – all ‘by remote’ (I’ve remained in Canberra throughout the process). Mark’s knowledge of the local market saw him target the right buyers to achieve the best price. I was reassured throughout the process by Mark’s expert advice, and responsive communications. 100% recommend this award-winning real estate agent! 👌


In conclusion, the presence of extraordinary real estate brokers who consistently provide excellent results considerably improves the Townsville real estate market. These experts have a well-deserved reputation as the best in the industry thanks to their in-depth expertise, steadfast dedication, and customized approach. Partnering with the best real estate agent in Townsville, whether you’re a buyer, seller, or investor, ensures access to unmatched knowledge, thorough market information, and a smooth transaction process. They are great resources in helping you realize your real estate objectives due to their commitment to client satisfaction and their aptitude for navigating the intricate local market. With the aid of the top real estate agents in Townsville, you can successfully navigate the always-changing real estate market and make decisions that have positive results.