Best Suburb in Townsville

Townsville is a city known for its alluring combination of tropical beauty, rich cultural legacy, and welcoming people. It is situated in the energetic region of Queensland, Australia. Townsville is a great place to call home since it is surrounded by a collection of exceptional neighborhoods that provide excellent quality of life. The best suburbs in Townsville provide an alluring blend of natural beauty, convenience, and a laid-back lifestyle, from the breathtaking coastline vistas to the bustling neighborhood amenities. Townsville’s top suburbs offer a variety of options that cater to various interests, whether you’re looking for a peaceful escape, a family-friendly atmosphere, or proximity to the city’s busy activities. Get ready to go through Townsville’s elite neighborhoods, where each neighborhood displays a certain charm and holds the promise of a wonderful living experience.

1. Oonoonba

Best for Investment Property
Address Oonoonba, Queensland 4811 Australia

Look no further than Oonoonba for a property close to the Ross River in a mixed-use neighborhood. Rosslea, Annadale, and Hermit Park all fit the bill. If you’re an investor, though, who is only interested in rental yield, stick with Oonoonba. This is because the rental yield on its homes, which is greater than the 5.5% advised by the Commonwealth Bank, is 6.32% on average.

You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a tenant if you have an investment property in Oonoonba. In addition to being close to the CBD, it is also just a short distance from Ring Road, James Cook University, the Townsville Hospital, and Lavarack Barracks. The fact that the Oonoonba State School is adjacent to Idalia may be the only drawback for tenants.

2. Garbutt & Hyde Park

Best for Family-friendly attractions
Address Garbutt QLD 4814

Excellent schools, retail establishments, and other family-friendly attractions are nearby in these two suburbs. They have excellent rental yield rates as well. The median rental yield in Garbutt, where the cost of a home is $299,000, is 6.08%. Hyde Park Homes, on the other hand, offer a median rental yield of 5.75%. This is due to the higher median listing price of $339,000 in Hyde Park.

The Townsville Airport, Townsville City, and the Strand are all nearby, as are Garbutt and Hyde Park. This makes vacationing and enjoyable activities convenient for your tenants. The fact that 45.94% of Garbutt’s residents and 39.73% of Hyde Park’s residents reside in rental housing is another motivation to invest in these suburbs. This is crucial since it demonstrates that both are popular with tenants.

3. Pimlico & Aitkenvale

Best for High rental yield
Address Pimlico Qld 4812

Both Pimlico and Aitkenvale have access to businesses, parks, places of worship, and healthcare facilities. Overall, these are highly useful regions. At present, Aitkenvale has a median rental yield of 5.92% compared to Pimlico’s 5.56%. Given that the median listing price of a home in each area is only $26,000 different, this consistency is not unexpected.

The suburb of Pimlico is also an excellent place to buy a townhouse. A townhouse is a good alternative for owners whose primary priority is a high rental yield due to its median rental yield of 7.12%. Aitkenvale doesn’t have access to the same data, but what we did learn is that the suburb’s vacancy rate is declining. This implies that if you invest there, we can raise the rent on your property regularly.

4. Thuringowa Central ,Kirwan and Cranbrook

Best for Residential homes, business structures, and recreational spaces
Address 57 Thuringowa Drive Kirwan QLD 4817

Residential homes, business structures, and recreational spaces can all be found in Thuringowa Central, Kirwan, and Cranbrook. The Willows Shopping Centre, Sunland Plaza, Reading Cinemas, Jack Manski Oval, and Stockland are a few of the suburbs’ most popular attractions. In general, these suburbs are ideal for families, couples, and businesspeople that dislike the metropolis.

Currently, the median rental yields in Thuringowa Central, Kirwan, and Cranbrook are 5.76%, 5.79%, and 6.06%, respectively. 21,423 people are living in Kirwan, which is something to be aware of. Now, you would believe it makes sense to make investments in a market with a large population, but occasionally rapid population increase indicates a surplus rather than a demand gap. Thus, it might be safer to invest in the other subu

5. Cosgrove

Best for Median rental return
Address Main Street Cosgrove 4818

One of our newest suburbs is Cosgrove. It is conveniently positioned among elementary schools, commercial malls, and transportation hubs at the foothills of Mount Louisa. It offers everyone there a balanced, connected, and healthy living and is set alongside natural bushland. Cosgrove now has a median rental return of 5.46%, reports Real Estate Investor.

Please do not be alarmed if you are worried that the rental yield is lower than what the Commonwealth Bank advises. Three Cosgrove properties were overseen by our office. The median rent for these properties was $470 per week, which is more than the $420 median rent for the suburb as a whole. This means that if we manage your Cosgrove property, its rent will probably be more expensive than the neighborhood standard.

6. Cranbrook

Best for Schools
Address Cranbrook QLD 4814

Cranbrook is a neighborhood in the Australian state of Queensland’s Townsville City. The population of Cranbrook was 5,908 according to the 2016 census.8 kilometers (5.0 miles) southwest of Townsville’s central business district is Cranbrook. The commercial area of Aitkenvale is nearby. Nathan Street forms the eastern boundary while Douglas-Garbutt Road cuts through the area from east to west. At Alice Street (19.3092°S 146.7538°E), there is a government primary school for boys and girls (Prep-6) called Cranbrook State School. The school had 535 pupils enrolled in 2017 and employed 25 non-teaching staff members (18 full-time equivalents) in addition to 44 instructors (39 full-time equivalents). There is a special education program included.

7. Alice River

Best for Beautiful mansions and expansive lots
Address Alice River QLD 4817

Beautiful mansions and expansive lots with rising property values can be found in Alice River. If you’re moving a big distance or trying to find the best schools for the kids, this is a fantastic place to start your search because it has a strong reputation as a safe area for families. Your family will have a safe street network to grow up in if there is less traffic.

8. North Ward

Best for Convenient to all of Townsville’s markets
Address North Ward QLD 4810

There are many places to explore close by, including Castle Hill and The Strand, and this neighborhood is convenient to all of Townsville’s markets. Despite being one of the city’s older suburbs, it has seen a lot of development. Visits from tourists and investors are fairly common.

9. Annandale

Best for Reasonably priced rentals
Address Annandale, QLD 4814

Annandale may be everything you’re searching for if you’re a young couple looking for a spot to settle down. It’s absolutely one that should be on the cards if you want to start your life someplace fresh because of the abundance of school alternatives available and the reasonably priced rentals.

10. South Townsville

Best for Nightlife to enjoy
Address South Townsville QLD 4810

South Townsville is a great place to visit if you prefer good dining. If you prefer to live in a flat or a house, there are excellent possibilities available, and there is a lot of nightlife to enjoy. There is no doubt that young couples would appreciate this region.


To sum up, Townsville is a city that genuinely has something to offer everyone, and its best neighborhoods are prime examples of its diversity and allure. Townsville’s suburbs offer a wide range of options for individuals wanting a good quality of life, whether you like the relaxed coastal lifestyle of North Ward or the family-friendly ambiance of Kirwan. The best suburbs in Townsville offer the chance to fully immerse oneself in the scenic beauty, the strong feeling of community, and easy access to amenities that make up this engaging metropolis. Townsville’s suburbs provide a haven where inhabitants can experience the finest that Queensland has to offer, from the breathtaking beaches to the lush parklands. It is understandable why people and families looking for a place to call home continue to flock to Townsville.