Best Pizza In Townsville

Nothing beats the thrill of a great slice of pizza when it comes to sating desires and enjoying delectable flavors. One cannot ignore the availability of superb pizzerias that tantalize taste buds and capture the essence of this adored Italian meal in the dynamic city of Townsville, where culinary adventures abound. Townsville has a wide range of options for the discriminating pizza aficionado, whether you’re a local looking for a new favorite restaurant or a tourist eager to discover the city’s culinary wonders. This tropical paradise is home to some of the best pizzas in Townsville in the area, serving everything from classic Neapolitan-style pies with their thin, chewy crusts and fresh, high-quality ingredients to inventive gourmet versions that push the boundaries of flavor. So, if you happen to be in Townsville, be ready for a delectable adventure as we explore the best pizza spots in the area, which are sure to leave you wanting more.

1. Armati’s Wood-Fired Pizza

Best for Hot wood-fired oven
Address 113-119 Flinders St Townsville QLD 4810
Contact details 747716915
Operating hours Monday – Thursday: 6 pm to 9 pm; Friday: 6 pm to 10 pm; Saturday: 12 pm to 10 pm; Sunday: 12 pm to 9 pm

Wood-Fired Armati’s Pizzas are prepared in a scalding hot wood-fired oven that serves as the restaurant’s focal point, where skilled pizza cooks make sure the thin-crust pies are quickly baked, and ready to eat in a matter of minutes. Watching the wood burn fiercely in the oven while the pizzas are quickly cycled through is amazing. The outcome is a pizza made in the Neapolitan tradition that is wood-fired, crisp on the outside, and gooey in the center.

What makes them stand out

  • Neapolitan tradition
  • Wood-fired
  • Thin-crust pies are quickly baked

Customer Reviews

Wonderful spot along Flinders Street. We ordered 2 Pizzas ( Meat Lovers and chicken bbq) which turned out to be too much for us. They gave us a takeaway box so we could take it home with us which was amazing. Nothing beats wood fire pizza that’s for sure, fresh out of the pizza oven to the table. It’s affordable too and definitely 10x better than any other pizza place in Townsville that will charge you an arm and a leg. The squid was crunchy and delicious with the tartare sauce on the side. Will definitely be coming back again one night. Thank you.

2. Tony’s Pizza

Best for Italian-style gelato
Address 27 Kennedy Street North Ward Townsville 4810
Contact details (07) 4724 1330
Operating hours Tuesday – Friday 4:00 am-9:00 pm

With superior ingredients and more than 40 years of combined experience, Tony’s Pizza, a real family-run Italian restaurant, offers you an unmatched eating experience. We also provide a range of authentic Italian-style gelato in addition to pizza and pasta. Takeout or eating options are available on our outside patio.

What makes them stand out

  • Italian-style gelato
  • Authentic Italian-style
  • Unmatched eating experience

Customer Reviews

Top 3 best pizzas I’ve ever eaten. The base was so thin and delicious, and the toppings were sensational. Garlic bread – wow. Service is so fast. Highly recommend.

3. Delish Restaurant 

Best for Providing a wide range of alternatives for dining
Address 49 Railway Ave Railway Estate QLD 4810
Contact details 747000269
Operating hours Free local delivery from 5.30 pm Monday to Saturday

It is a family-run restaurant providing a wide range of alternatives for dining in or taking out. Takeaway and unlimited food pizza Friday and Saturday night dining.

BYO Fish & Chips


Pizza Menu for Desert Lunch

What makes them stand out

  • Family-run restaurant
  • Takeaway and unlimited
  • Range of alternatives

Customer Reviews

We ordered Pizzas and Chips.
Friendly and prompt service.
The pizzas were amazing, they had the perfect amount of toppings and were cooked to perfection.
The chips are the best I have had in a long time.
Highly recommend it and will visit again.

4. Pizza Riviera Hermit Park

Best for Using original family recipes and fresh ingredients
Address 192 Charters Towers Hermit Park QLD 4812
Contact details 61 7 4725 5225
Operating hours Monday to Sunday 11:30 am–2 pm,4:30–9 pm

Locally owned and run Pizza Riviera offers a taste of Italy in Townsville.  Using original family recipes and fresh ingredients, Pizza Riviera has established a strong reputation as “the original and the best” authentic pizza and pasta makers in Townsville. Their meals are made-to-order for lunch or dinner to be taken out. Frank’s claim is backed up by the various regional honors he has received over the course of his long career in business.

What makes them stand out

  • Our clients are more than just a number.
  • Our sincere goal is to please every customer.
  • We only produce food that we are proud to eat.

Customer Reviews

I can confidently say that this place has the best Pizza in Townsville. We got the giant Pizza for 3 people and had it for dinner with leftovers, the pizza topping was generous the flavors were on point.

5. Frank’s Pizza Napoli & Vesuviana Restaurant

Best for A traditional Italian eatery
Address 3 Ross River Rd, Mundingburra QLD 4812
Contact details (+61)747255181
Operating hours Wednesday-Monday 5 pm – 10 pm

Townsville’s Frank’s Napoli Pizza is a traditional Italian eatery serving the best pizza, pasta, and other Italian favorites.

Everyone is welcome at this family-friendly facility for any occasion.

What makes them stand out

  • Family-friendly facility
  • Traditional Italian eatery serving
  • Everyone is welcome

Customer Reviews

THE BEST!!! Huge portions, well priced for the size and quality of food. Authentic Italian experience. The menu did not show any gluten-free options however we didn’t ask.

6. La Cucina Pizza & Pasta House

Best for The best possible food and service
Address 1 Forest Avenue Kirwan —­ Corner Ross River Road
Contact details 61747732416
Operating hours Monday & Tuesday 4.30 ~ 8.30pm ;Wednesday/Thursday 4.30pm ~ 9pm; Friday/Saturday 4.30pm ~ 9.30pm; Sunday 4.30pm ~ 8.45pm

Dominic and Leonie Buchan, a husband and wife combination, acquired La Cucina Pizza & Pasta House from the former proprietor Sam Musumeci.

In 1993, Sam opened La Cucina with the goal of giving local fans of pizza and pasta the best possible food and service.

In 2004, Leonie joined the staff of La Cucina. In 2010, Leonie took over as owner and manager after years of diligent labor and studying the industry, including a number of years as an assistant manager.

What makes them stand out

  • Best possible food and service
  • Customer satisfaction 
  • Local fans of pizza and pasta

Customer Reviews

thankyou, Vincenzo and your staff for a great dining experience. Warm friendly Italian service, with a great food selection. Our meals were perfectly cooked and presented. The drink menu and Cocktails were first class, unfortunately, we could not try the ricotta cannoli, because you ran out.
We need to come back to try some.

7. Michelangelo’s Pizza & Pasta

Best for Traditional Pizza
Address 117 Bamford Ln, Kirwan, QLD, 4817
Contact details 61 7 4755 1978
Operating hours Tuesday – Sunday 4 To 9 pm, Monday 4 To 8:30 pm; Home Delivery From 5:30 PM

Italian Cuisine and Traditional Pizza at Their Best The “Big Foot” Pizza’s Birthplace! covering Rangewood and Rupertswood as well as the entirety of Townsville: There are delivery fees. Delivery takes about 45 minutes (90 minutes during busy periods). Application of minimum order for delivery.

What makes them stand out

  • Covering Rangewood and Rupertswood
  • Italian cuisine
  • Traditional Pizza

Customer Reviews

Was Saturday night so as expected it was busy, but they pump out your order and give you a delicious feed. Calling ahead, ordering online, or getting delivery is definitely what ill do in the future. With an extensive menu that will cater to the whole family.
Keep up the good work👍

8. Longboard Bar & Grill 

Best for The beach, beer, and surf-themed bar
Address The Strand Headlands Gregory St Townsville QLD 4810
Contact details 61747241234 | [email protected]
Operating hours Monday to Sunday 10 am -11 pm

On Sunday, March 4, 2012, the Longboard Bar & Grill in Townsville, North Queensland, officially opened for business. It is a beach, beer, and surf-themed bar and grill with 250 seats. Longboard is positioned atop the Headland of the Strand, which faces Cleveland Bay and Magnetic Island. The perfect restaurant is ultimately where the bar and the drink come together.

Chris and Anthony, the two owners of Longboard, have worked in the hospitality business for more than 40 years. Chris, a native of the United States, founded Longboard with the intention of letting Townsville take advantage of the lovely Strand setting while also enjoying fantastic cuisine and drinks. Both proprietors have traveled extensively and offer a wealth of experiences to Longboard, which is reflected in the ambiance, cuisine, and beverages.

What makes them stand out

  • Beach, beer, and surf-themed bar
  • Experience
  • Lovely Strand setting while also enjoying fantastic cuisine and drinks

Customer Reviews

A spacious place overlooking the sea, on the strand. Ideal for big groups to chill over a hot afternoon. They serve a .variety of beers and good wings. Tried their tacos which was also good. Definitely recommend a visit.

9. GRILL’D Townsville 

Best for Burgers that are guilt-free and healthful
Address 3 Palmer St, Townsville QLD 4810
Contact details 07497 699 90
Operating hours Monday to Sunday 10 am-10 pm

They are not the same as fast food just because we make hamburgers. they are not their substitute. The answer lies with us. Pizzas that are guilt-free and healthful and don’t require a hangover. Since the beginning, it has been our main priority, our passion, and what makes us unique.

What makes them stand out

  • Burgers that are guilt-free and healthful
  • Hamburgers
  • Don’t require a hangover

Customer Reviews

The food here is consistently good. Service was a bit slower than usual this evening. The staff was nice but took a good while to get served.

10. Checkers Pizza

Best for A well-liked option
Address 21 The Strand, North Ward QLD 4810
Contact details 61 7 4766 9430
Operating hours Monday to Thursday 8 am–9 pm; Friday to Sunday 7:30 am–9:30 pm

In Townsville, Checkers Pizza is a tiny shop-front pizzeria with outside seating that serves pizza, pasta, and salad to customers. They are a well-liked option for both locals and tourists due to their position just across from the Breakwater Marina and their variety of foods. 

What makes them stand out

  • Well-liked option
  • Locals and tourists both are welcomed
  • Variety of foods.

Customer Reviews

Checkers Pizza is a fantastic little pizzeria with alfresco dining. The staff are so welcoming, and all staff were smiles. The pizzas are all made with freshly prepared toppings and heaps of them. Refer to the attached photos of two of the selections.
We come to Townsville every year, and this is a guaranteed visit from us for one of our evening lunches.


For those who love pizza, Townsville is a veritable gold mine because of the wide variety of pizzerias there that offer top-notch dining opportunities. From those seeking the timeless simplicity of a classic Margherita to those yearning for bold and creative combinations, the city’s vibrant food culture has something to offer everyone. These restaurants have actually earned their reputation as the best pizza in Townsville thanks to their dedication to high-quality ingredients, artisanal methods, and passion for the craft of preparing pizza. Therefore, Townsville’s pizza scene guarantees to make a lasting imprint on your taste buds and a passion for the city’s culinary pleasures, whether you’re a native trying to sate your pizza cravings or a traveler seeking a memorable dining experience.