Best Solar Companies In Townsville

Welcome to Townsville’s sunny side, where solar energy’s brilliant possibilities shine brighter than ever. Townsville, located in Queensland’s tropical splendor, is a shining example of innovation and sustainability. And at the center of the energy revolution in this thriving metropolis, there is a constellation of extraordinary solar firms, each of which shines with a special light. Prepare to experience a solar-powered symphony as you travel along this insightful trip, where cutting-edge technology, an eco-conscious outlook, and a dedication to a greener future come together. So let’s see the best solar companies in Townsville, where the energy of the sun is cleverly harnessed and a better tomorrow is waiting.

1. Smart House Solar

Best forbest quality products, as well as services
Contact details1300650747 | [email protected]
AddressLevel 38 71 Eagle Street, Brisbane, Queensland, 4000.
Operating hoursMonday – Friday 8:00 AM To 6:00 PM, Saturday 9:00 AM To 2:00 PM

The entire state of Queensland and New South Wales is served by the 2021 & 2022 Product Review Award Winner solar power company, Smart House Solar. More than 400 Queenslanders have given them 4.8 stars out of 5 for boosting their level of happiness with our goods, installations, and quick after-sales service.

What makes them stand out

•Proven quality products 

•Competitive pricing

•seamless start-to-end process

Customer Reviews

Our experience with Smart House Solar was professional from citation through to installation. We n have a high-quality rooftop solar system, professionally installed at our home and the whole process was easy and competitively priced. We are truly happy to recommend Smart House Solar.

2. Nexa Solar

Best for affordable and reliable energy solutions
Contact details 1300 138 591 | [email protected]
Address Brisbane – Head Office, Level 12C/ 300 Ann Street, Brisbane City, QLD 4000
Operating hours Nationwide 24 x 7 Support

Nexa Solar is devoted to being there for you every step of the way as you set out on your solar adventure. After receiving stunning installations from their local solar installers who are CEC-accredited professionals and industry-trained specialists, you will be supported for the duration of the life of your solar system by their knowledgeable and amiable support staff. They take great satisfaction in their incredible quality installations and their strong bonds with their clients.

At Nexa Solar, they believe that choosing to go solar is a decision for life. 

What makes them stand out


•expert advice provided 

•all types of customers are welcomed 

•save environment

Customer Reviews

Nexa Solar made the process of getting solar installed easy and everything was explained easily. Lauren from Office was great with organizing the installation and the Crew fitting the solar system. Thanks to everyone at Nexa Solar!

3. True North Solar

Best for reducing your energy costs
Contact details 0747797798 | [email protected]
Address Unit 5/22 Hills Street, Townsville
Operating hours Monday – Friday 7a.m – 5 p.m

Even with solar panels that are 5–10 years old, this is now so typical that entire system replacements are necessary. Because of this, at True North Solar, they steadfastly resist using inferior, third-rate products and choose not to install subpar, second-rate, inexpensive, and unsanitary parts.

Everything they do is intended to ensure trouble-free, high output, and continuous power generation for years to come, from the award-winning inverters and solar panels they employ to the state-of-the-art stainless steel clips that keep the cables in place.

At True North Solar, this conviction forms the basis of all they do. They are really proud of what they do and the way that they do it.

What makes them stand out


•energy saving

•continous power generation 


Customer Reviews

 The True North Solar platoon helped me choose an outstanding system that has wifi technology, app Solar product monitoring, a “back-over” day power option in times of network outage, and is battery-ready for unborn use. A flawless installation from a friendly, competent crew. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you!!!

4. Super Green Solution

Best for Tesla power walls and EV chargers
Contact details 0747727655 | [email protected]
Address 161 Ingham Road, West End QLD 4810
Operating hours Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m to 4.30 p.m

SuperGreen Solutions, which has been in business for over 22 years in the Townsville region, is a well-known and respected provider of solar power and green energy technology. provide a selection of goods and high-caliber installation services for your house, small business, or big commercial enterprise.

As a certified Tesla Premium Dealer, we provide amazing discounts on Tesla Powerwalls and home EV chargers as well as outstanding package prices when combining these items with solar panel (PV) systems.

They possess everything needed to transition to being green consumers.  The product showcase acts as a one-stop shop for all of your solar panel installation and energy efficiency needs. As an alternative, they may bring their mobile showroom to your house or place of business and show off many of the items they have in stock.

What makes them stand out


•ev chargers

•all products available 

•high caliber installation

Customer Reviews

Great company. They handled a solar install on a rental property and assured me I got the government entitlement instantly. important appreciated.

5. Green Energy Technologies

Best for the biggest local providers
Contact details (07) 4725 9500
Address Unit 1/41 Charters Towers Rd, Hyde Park QLD 4812
Operating hours Monday- Friday 9a.m to 5p.m

Customized Solar Systems to increase your income right now. Through the Federal Renewable Energy Target Programme, you can earn $5,000 off a new system. One of the biggest local providers of new Solar Systems, repairs, and maintenance in Townsville is Green Energy Technologies. Using solar battery systems, you may truly operate off the grid and increase your monthly income. options for both homes and businesses of all sizes.

In order to help you get the maximum return on your investment, Green Energy Technologies can service and support your current system. To find out how much you can save on your power bill, fill out the form.

What makes them stand out

•Organise a customer awareness program 

•biggest supplies 

•big market share

•support provided

Customer Reviews

Great team they got here in Mackay/Whitsunday’s easy to book in and set up a very straightforward process would definitely recommend it.

6. GreenCell Energy

Best for going green to reduce energy costs.
Contact details 1300920854 | [email protected]
Address 2nd Floor/280 Flinders St.Townsville QLD 4810
Operating hours Monday- Friday 9a.m to 5p.m

A renowned and CEC-accredited retailer of solar power systems is Greencell Energy. They assist commercial and residential buildings in going green to reduce energy costs. 

They have a solid reputation in the field. After examining your energy usage trends, they make all of the recommendations. Every deployed product will undoubtedly contribute to electricity bill savings. The most popular sizes, 6.6kW, 10.3kW, 11.1kW, and 13.2kW, as well as a 6.6kW battery storage system, are included in their amazing value solar packages.

What makes them stand out

•Helps in electricity savings

•amazing deals

•environment friendly 

• recommend accordingly

Customer Reviews

Thank you Greencell, from our first meeting with Jas I was happy Jas came to see us and explained everything so we understood and then It just got better after we paid the deposits. It was only about 10 days until Dan and Charlie from DNA Electrical arrived and installed the system and had our meter going backward..

7. Revolusun Power

Best for providing renewable energy
Contact details 61 1300738658
Address 4/5 Hamill St, Garbutt QLD 4814
Operating hours Monday- Friday 9a.m to 4p.m

 Revolusun Power offers renewable energy that is easy to use and reasonably priced for households. Going solar, in our opinion, ought to be hassle- and headache-free. Because of this, they provide top-notch solar panels, and inverters, and handle the entire installation procedure for little to no upfront investment.

What makes them stand out

•Reasonable price 

•top quality solar panels

•handle everything on their own

Customer Reviews

The solar installation done by Revolusun was exceptional! The workmanship was of the highest quality, and everything was done professionally. The installation team was knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend Revolusun Power for any solar needs.

8. Solar Storage Solutions 

Best for long-term running products
Contact details 0747242779| [email protected]
Address 51-53 Ingham Road, West End, Townsville QLD 4810, Australia
Operating hours Monday- Friday 9a.m to 4p.m

Since they’ve been in the solar industry for more than 10 years and their crew has over 20 years of combined expertise, they’ve had the good fortune to pick up a few tips along the way. 

You should make a long-term investment in high-quality equipment when you want to put your hard-earned money towards a solar power system.

Do you truly want the least-priced system they can offer you when you buy solar? It will be the biggest and most expensive asset you own.

What makes them stand out

• high-quality equipment 

•experienced staff

•support provided

Customer Reviews

Great service, always so helpful.

The option on products was great.

9. Central Solar Services

Best for designing their own solar panels
Contact details 0455508418 | [email protected]
Address 36 Gorden Street, Garbutt, QLD 4814, AU
Operating hours Monday- Friday 8a.m to 5p.m

The staff at Central Solar Services is dedicated to providing installations and maintenance services for solar systems that are effective and reasonably priced. Brentin and Nicole Todd are the owners and operators of Central Solar Services, which they have owned and run for more than ten years. They can install solar panels on homes and businesses, as well as design and construct solar farms and other electrical services. They operate throughout Townsville and North Queensland.

What makes them stand out

•design their own panels

•providing installation

•reasonably priced

Customer Reviews

These guys are amazing!! They were punctual, cheery, very accommodating, neat and tidy and all round great at their job. We are very happy with this and highly recommend their services.

10. Fusion Solar and Electrical

Best for quality services
Contact details 747746139
Address Unit 2/129 Ingham Road, West End QLD 4810
Operating hours Monday- Friday 9a.m to 3p.m

Locally owned and run by a family, Fusion Solar, and Electrical. They are experts in solar, electrical, and energy-efficient solutions for your house or place of business.

They take great pride in the caliber of their work, their unmatched level of customer satisfaction, and their dedication to perfection and meticulousness. Call their welcoming staff right away!

What makes them stand out

•run by a family

•dedication to perfection 

•customer satisfaction 

Customer Reviews

We have engaged Fusion Solar & Electrical on both residential and commercial projects and very highly recommend their work.


Due to growing public knowledge of renewable energy sources and the advantages of solar power, Townsville, like many other towns worldwide, has probably seen an expansion in the solar business. The assessment of Best solar companies in Townsville may change as a result of variables including the number of solar businesses present, their standing, feedback from clients, and the standard of their goods and services.

The following factors should be taken into account while assessing solar companies: experience and reputation, product quality, and installation services.