Best Casino in Townsville

The top casinos in this picturesque coastal town, which is located in the energetic city of Townsville, Australia, provide an unmatched combination of luxury, entertainment, and exhilarating gambling experiences. These casinos have established a reputation for offering top-notch service and a variety of games, making them a haven for both devoted gamblers and infrequent guests looking for a thrilling evening. The best casino in Townsville provides an amazing experience for everyone who enters their doors, from the glitz and glamour of the gaming floors to the superb dining selections and first-rate hotels. The best casinos in Townsville will leave you fascinated and itching for more, whether you’re wanting to try your luck at the tables, indulge in fine cuisine, or simply enjoy the buzzing ambiance.

1. The Ville Resort-Casino

Best for A Wide range of table games
Address Sir Leslie Thiess Drive Townsville Queensland 4810
Contact Details 61747222333

The Ville Resort-Casino, a compelling destination in Townsville, Australia, flawlessly mixes the charm of an opulent resort with the thrill of a top-notch casino. This distinguished property, which towers over the city’s lovely waterfront, provides visitors with an unparalleled experience. The resort offers opulent, roomy lodgings that are embellished with contemporary conveniences and spectacular views of the Coral Sea. The casino offers a wide range of table games, electronic gaming devices, and a live poker room to suit both experienced and inexperienced gamers. The Ville Resort-Casino also offers a variety of dining establishments, including elegant restaurants and relaxed cafes, as well as a relaxing spa and a buzzing bar scene.

What makes them stand out

  • Variety of dining establishments
  • Unparalleled experience
  • Buzzing bar scene

Customer reviews

Beautiful spot for a bite to eat and a cold drink. The pool with a swim-up bar is inviting and the view is stunning. Service was friendly and fast and the whole venue was beautifully clean and comfortable.

2. The Reef Hotel Casino Cairns

Best for Advanced gaming possibilities
Address 35-41 Wharf Street QLD 4870 Cairns Queensland (QLD)
Contact Details 61882122811

The Reef Hotel Casino is a premium location that blends the fun of a buzzing casino with the conveniences of an opulent hotel. It is located in the center of Cairns, Townsville. With its advanced gaming possibilities and top-notch entertainment, this renowned establishment provides a thrilling experience. Every guest will have an exciting time at the casino thanks to the outstanding assortment of table games and electronic gaming machines that decorate the casino floor. The Reef Hotel Casino also offers a selection of beautiful dining establishments, from upscale eateries to laid-back cafes, serving delectable cuisines to suit every preference. For visitors seeking both excitement and relaxation, The Reef Hotel Casino is a must-visit location thanks to its first-rate service, chic accommodations, and exciting atmosphere.

What makes them stand out

  • Electronic gaming machines that decorate the casino floor.
  • Thrilling experience
  • Outstanding assortment of table games 

Customer reviews

Very good experience, with great rooms, views, facilities, and service. Comparatively good value for money.


In conclusion, the best casino in Townsville provides a mesmerizing blend of luxury and entertainment, making them a must-visit location for visitors looking for an exceptional gambling experience. These casinos have solidly cemented their positions as the region’s top entertainment destinations thanks to their outstanding gaming selection, opulent amenities, and first-rate service. The best casinos in Townsville will exceed your expectations, whether you’re an experienced gambler or just a curious tourist eager to experience the excitement of the casino. So, immerse yourself in the glitz and whirlwind of these casinos where a fortune awaits and make lifelong memories.