[2023] Best Butchers in Townsville

Are you a meat lover in Townsville? Are you searching for the best butchers in Townsville to satisfy your carnivorous cravings? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll explore the top-notch butchers that will provide you with the finest quality cuts and exceptional service. Whether you’re planning a backyard barbecue, a Sunday roast, or simply looking for fresh, high-quality meat, these butchers have got you covered.

When it comes to the best butchers in Townsville, these establishments consistently deliver exceptional quality, variety, and customer service. So, whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or simply appreciate the taste of premium meat, be sure to visit these top-notch butchers and elevate your dining experience. Stay tuned for more in-depth reviews and recommendations as we explore the meaty delights that Townsville has to offer!

10 Best Butchers in Townsville

1. Let’s Meat Townsville

Best for Varied and thriving meat
Website https://letsmeattownsville.com.au/
Address Hermit Park Shopping Centre Shop 2 124 Charters Towers Rd Hermit Park 4812
Contact details 61 7 4778 1811
Operating hours Monday to Friday 8 am-6 pm

The dynamic and educational website Let’s Meet Townsville is devoted to presenting the varied and thriving meat culture in the picturesque city of Townsville. The website acts as a central focus for all things pertaining to premium cuts, butcher shops, and culinary experiences, providing a comprehensive resource for meat lovers.

Let’s Meet Townsville offers users a fluid browsing experience that makes it simple for them to explore a wealth of knowledge thanks to its user-friendly layout and aesthetically pleasing design. The website is a useful tool for both seasoned meat aficionados and culinary newcomers, identifying the best butchers in the area and offering advice on cooking methods.

Let’s Meet Townsville provides a thorough picture of the city’s meat scene through in-depth profiles of neighborhood butcher shops that include information about each business’ specialty, history, and client testimonials. Additionally, the website consistently adds the most recent news, events, and promotions to its material, ensuring that users are always informed of the exciting developments in the meat community.

Let’s Meet Townsville serves as a crucial forum for meat lovers to interact, discover, and honor the vibrant city’s rich culinary traditions. It genuinely captures the essence of this energetic city.

What makes them stand out 

  • User-friendly layout and aesthetically pleasing design
  • Culinary traditions
  • Offering advice on cooking methods

Let’s Meat Townsville Near Me

Customer Reviews

I love the standard of workmanship, and pride of work that goes into your products. You can taste the difference, and I see a noticeable difference in my loved one’s expressions when I cook with let’s meat meats. First class thank you 👌

2. Butcher On Bundock

Best for Offering premium meats
Website https://thebutcheronbundock.com.au/
Address 74 Bundock Street Belgian Gardens Townsville Qld. 4810
Contact details 4771 4020
Operating hours Monday to Friday: 6:00 am-5:30 pm, Saturday: 6 am-2 pm, Sunday: Closed

Townsville’s Butcher On Bundock is a well-known and adored butcher shop. Because of its dedication to offering premium meats, the Butcher on Bundock has become a must-visit location for meat aficionados looking for great goods. On their website, which features a variety of premium cuts of beef, lamb, hog, and poultry, they demonstrate their skills.

The Butcher On Bundock takes pleasure in offering its clients the best flavors by focusing on locally sourced and humanely raised meats. The shop’s commitment to individualized service is also highlighted on the website, which also provides easy online ordering alternatives.

What makes them stand out

  • Easy online offering its clients the 
  • Variety of premium cuts
  • Best flavor ordering alternatives

Butcher On Bundock Near Me

Customer Reviews

The Kimberley Red porterhouse and rib eye are to die for! The extensive range of meats will make you leave wanting to buy everything! This place is definitely all about quality. Whatever your heart desires you will definitely find your produce here!

3. Procut Meat

Best for Dedication to quality
Website https://procutmeats.com.au/
Address 5/56 Yolanda Dr, Annandale Q 4814
Contact details (07) 4779 3317
Operating hours Monday – Friday 5 am – 5:30 pm, Saturday 6 am – 2 pm, Sunday 8 am – 1 pm

Townsville-based Product Meats is a well-known and respected butcher shop. Product Meats, who are renowned for their dedication to quality and top-notch customer service, provide a variety of premium meats to suit the discriminating tastes of their clientele. Their outstanding selection, which includes a variety of top-quality cuts, from delicious beef and delicate lamb to savory chicken and specialized dishes, is showcased on their website.

Every mouthful of meat served by Product Meats is a monument to their commitment to excellence since they place a strong emphasis on obtaining meat that has been grown locally and responsibly. Additionally, the website provides a simple online buying system that enables users to simply access their preferred cuts from the comfort of their homes.

What makes them stand out

  • Top-notch customer service
  • Emphasis on obtaining meat that has been grown locally
  • Online buying system

Procut Meat Near Me

Customer Reviews

Quality meat and professional service. Our first pick every time.

4. NQ Game Meats

Best for Passion for unusual and delectable meats
Website https://www.gamemeats.net/
Address 64 Punari St Currajong QLD 4812
Contact details 07 4779 8639
Operating hours Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Saturday 9:30 am-12:30 pm

NQ Game Meats is a well-known and respected butcher shop in Townsville that specializes in game meats. NQ Game Meats, which has a passion for unusual and delectable meats, provides a wide range of ethically obtained game goods, such as kangaroo, wild boar, venison, and more.

For fans of game meat, their website acts as a thorough resource, offering in-depth details on each product, cooking advice, and recipes to improve the dining experience. Customers may appreciate the distinctive flavors and textures of game meats thanks to NQ Game Meats’ pride in providing great quality and taste.

NQ Game Meats has established itself as a go-to location for individuals seeking a taste thanks to its commitment to sustainability and a drive to client satisfaction.

What makes them stand out

  • Seeking a taste thanks to its commitment
  • Recipes to improve the dining experience
  • Great quality and taste

NQ Game Meats Near Me

Customer Reviews

Friendly staff, and great customer service. Always keen to help and educate you about their products. Huge selection of dog foods and treats, at very reasonable prices.

5. White Corner Store

Best for A Distinctive shopping experience
Website https://whitescornerstore.com.au/
Address 1 Rose Street North Ward Townsville QLD 4810
Contact details 61747712761
Operating hours Monday to Sunday 5 am – 7 pm

Townsville’s White Corner Store is a quaint and welcoming corner shop. White Corner Store provides its customers with a distinctive shopping experience because of its cozy atmosphere and rustic charm. The website offers a glimpse into their fascinating assortment of goods, which includes handcrafted goods, gourmet pantry items, and fresh fruit acquired locally.

White Corner Store takes pleasure in promoting regional excellence and working with local vendors. The store’s selections, which range from farm-fresh fruits and vegetables to freshly baked items, are chosen with an eye toward quality and sustainability. Additionally, the website emphasizes its dedication to providing great customer service, ensuring that each visit to White Corner Store is enjoyable and memorable.

What makes them stand out

  • Enjoyable and memorable
  • Providing great customer service
  • Takes pleasure in promoting regional excellence

White Corner Store Near me

Customer Reviews

Very lucky to have a place like this. I’m an Uber driver, it’s too easy to eat junk food on the road. I had a passenger on her way to work at Whites and she said give them a go. Great recommendation. Healthy sandwiches with a good range of fillings. Excellent pre-made Salad boxes, love your Caesar salad. Keep up the good work.

6. Town 2 Country Butcher’s Supplies

Best for Professional butchers and meat lovers
Website http://town2country.com.au/
Address Unit 1, 43 Leyland Street Garbutt Townsville Queensland 4810
Contact details 07 4725 0084
Operating hours Monday to Thursday 7 am-4 pm, and Friday 7 am-3 pm

For all of your butcher supply needs, Town 2 Country Butcher Supplies in Townsville is the go-to location. This wonderful establishment, which is conveniently located in Townsville, serves both professional butchers and meat lovers. As soon as you enter the building, you are welcomed by a welcoming ambiance that displays a wide variety of high-quality goods and machinery.

Every butcher will be able to discover the ideal tool for their trade thanks to the abundance of knives, saws, cleavers, and other necessary instruments that line the shelves. Town 2 Country Butcher Supplies offers a wide selection of goods—from the best cuts of meat to specialized seasonings and marinades—all purchased from dependable vendors to ensure great quality.

What makes them stand out

  • Wide selection of goods
  • Best cuts of meat to specialized seasonings and marinades
  • Dependable vendors to ensure great quality

Town 2 Country Butcher’s Supplies Near me

Customer Reviews

Unbelievable, so so helpful, extremely informative, friendly…..a very pleasant experience. Darryl is very passionate about his business. Go and see for yourself.

7. Riverway Meats

Best for Enthusiasm for high-quality meats
Website https://riverwaymeats.com.au/
Address 981 Riverway Drive Rasmussen Queensland 4815
Contact details 07 4789 0335
Operating hours Monday to Friday 8.30 am– 5.30 pm, Saturday & Sunday 8 am–3 pm

Townsville’s well-known butcher store, Riverway Meats, has a website. Riverway Meats has established itself as a go-to place for meat lovers thanks to its enthusiasm for high-quality meats and dedication to providing outstanding service. On their website, you may get a taste of the incredible range of meats they have to offer, including premium cuts of beef, lamb, hog, poultry, and specialty meats.

The meats are raised responsibly and locally by Riverway Meats, which guarantees great flavor and tenderness. The website demonstrates its commitment to individualized customer service and makes it simple for users to place orders for pickup or delivery online. Riverway Meats has maintained its reputation as a top choice for meat lovers in Townsville by placing a strong emphasis on quality, knowledge, and convenience.

What makes them stand out

  • Emphasis on quality, knowledge, and convenience
  • Incredible range of meats
  • Go-to place for meat lovers

Riverway Meats Near Me

Customer Reviews

I was recommended to try Riverway Meats by my friend Holly. I was not disappointed the meat has been exceptional. They will be my regular butcher from now on.
Thanks, Holly for the recommendation.
Well done Riverway Meats. Keep up the great customer service and great quality of your meats.

8. Lambert’s Fresh Food Tales

Best for Gourmet delicacies
Website http://www.lambertsproduce.com.au/
Address 22 Fleming St Aitkenvale QLD 4814
Contact details 07 4779 9900
Operating hours Monday to Sunday 7 am – 5.30 pm

Lambert’s Fresh Foods Tales is a compelling and welcoming location for food enthusiasts in Townsville. The website acts as a portal for discovering Lambert’s enormous array of fresh produce, gourmet delicacies, and culinary treats. Lambert’s features a wide variety of locally produced fruits, vegetables, herbs, and specialty items that are painstakingly handpicked to deliver the best flavors, with an emphasis on quality and sustainability.

The website also provides information about their commitment to working with regional suppliers and producers to provide customers with the freshest and most colorful products possible. Through their exceptional offerings, Lambert’s Fresh Foods Tales invites guests to experience a fascinating gastronomic journey by capturing the essence of a lively food culture.

What makes them stand out

  • Guests to experience a fascinating gastronomic journey
  • Essence of a lively food culture
  • Regional suppliers and producers

Lambert’s Fresh Food Tales Near Me

Customer Reviews

Simple, cheap, good variety, friendly staff, lots of products you wouldn’t get elsewhere, great atmosphere. You can even buy soil, plants, and live poultry here! It also has a coffee stall with lovely seating.

9. Angliss Meats

Best for A reliable source of premium meats
Website http://www.anglissmeats.com.au/
Address 109 West Street Toowoomba QLD 4350
Contact details 746322165
Operating hours Monday – Friday 6 am-5 pm, Saturday 6 am-3 pm, Sunday 8 am-3 pm

Townsville-based Angliss Meats is a well-known and reputed butcher store. Angliss Meats has built a reputation as a reliable source of premium meats over the course of many years. Their full product line, which includes quality cuts of beef, lamb, pig, poultry, and specialty goods, is shown on the website.

Angliss Meats is dedicated to using the best ingredients, so every cut is of the greatest caliber, ensuring exceptional flavor and tenderness. The website also emphasizes its commitment to providing individualized service while providing clients with the ease of online purchase and delivery.

With their knowledge and persistent dedication to quality, Angliss Meats has remained a top option for meat enthusiasts searching for an unrivaled dining experience in Townsville.

What makes them stand out

  • Exceptional flavor and tenderness
  • Unrivalled dining experience
  • Ease of online purchase and delivery

Angliss Meats Near Me

Customer Reviews

Amazing knowledge of products especially the tall, attractive butcher with glasses. Best meat 🍖 😋

10. The Meat Barn Currajong

Best for A Wide range of high-quality meats
Website https://m.facebook.com/TheMeatBarnCurrajong
Address 11 Hammett St Currajong QLD 4812 Australia
Contact details 61 7 4779 7300
Operating hours Monday to Friday 7 am-6 pm, Saturday 7 am-4 pm, Sunday 7 am-4 pm

In Currajong, Townsville, there is a well-known butcher store called The Meat Barn. The Meat Barn has been offering its services to the neighborhood for many years and has a long history of success. The store sells a wide range of high-quality meats, including tender chicken, flavorful sausages, and premium cuts of beef and lamb.

In order to guarantee exceptional quality and freshness, The Meat Barn Currajong takes pride in obtaining its meat from reliable vendors. The shop offers great customer service and knowledgeable guidance to assist customers choose the ideal cuts of meat thanks to its team of talented butchers and welcoming personnel.

For meat lovers in Townsville, The Meat Barn Currajong is the place to go because it ensures a pleasurable and delicious shopping experience.

What makes them stand out

  • Pleasurable and delicious shopping
  • Great customer service
  • Premium cuts of beef and lamb

The Meat Barn Currajong Near Me

Customer Reviews

Great quality product, very good prices, my #1 choice in Townsville for any function/event catering I do, and also my personal go-to.
Best sausages perhaps on the planet, and friendly staff, be hard-pressed to find a better butcher.


In conclusion, Best Butchers in Townsville hosts a selection of impressive butchers, each with their unique offerings and commendable customer service. Lambert’s Fresh Produce, with a high average rating, is praised by customers for its top-quality produce, excellent customer service, and broad range of meat and chicken products. Notably, it has later opening hours and stocks unique cuts and grocery items, all tailored to meet different customer budgets.

The Meat Barn Currajong is another Townsville favourite. It’s a family-owned butcher shop providing fresh quality meats, including affordable dog mince. Customers appreciate its selection of meats and friendly staff, and the fact that it caters to different customer needs, including those with tighter budgets. The Meat Barn also offers convenient opening hours and even a delivery service.

Otto’s Meat Market distinguishes itself as a premium butcher in Townsville. It stands out for its quality, service, variety, and product knowledge. This butcher sources its meats from reputable producers across Australia, including free-range pork and chicken, Victorian lamb, and a selection of Aussie beef. Additionally, it offers value-added lines and a range of house-made sausages, including its signature traditional German Bratwurst.

These three butchers have shown their commitment to delivering quality products and excellent customer service, proving they are among the best butchers in Townsville. Whether you’re looking for affordability, premium offerings, or unique products, you’ll likely find what you need in Townsville.