[2023 Latest] 10 Best Unusual Things to Do in Townsville

Welcome to the intriguing realm of Townsville, the capital of North Queensland. This vibrant cityscape, cloaked in a mesmerizing tropical climate, offers a plethora of hidden gems and Unusual Things to Do in Townsville. Overlooked often as a transit point en route to Magnetic Island or Cairns, Townsville stands as an irresistible destination in its own right, holding a trove of unusual adventures just waiting to be uncovered.

From the lush, thriving heart of Paluma Range National Park to the rare delight of ‘Cat Poo Coffee’ at Herveys Range Heritage Tea Rooms, Townsville extends a warm invitation for travelers seeking the unconventional. Enveloped in the rare blend of city culture, natural beauty, and a bustling hub of activities, Townsville never fails to leave an indelible mark on its visitors.

Wander through the city’s enchanting streets, teeming with vibrant street art, and let the rhythm of Townsville seep into your soul. Dive into its refreshing water-based activities, or immerse yourself in the serene blues of the Strand Beach, while the tropical sun dips low over the horizon.

From climbing the iconic pink granite monolith of Castle Hill to discovering the underwater paradise of the Great Barrier Reef, each day in Townsville unfurls a new adventure. Try something unusual, like a Platypus Safari or a trip to Australia’s largest single drop waterfall, because in Townsville, unusual is the norm.

Experience life like a local as you navigate through the bustling markets, savour delectable cuisine from around the world, and take in the cultural and historical treasures Townsville has to offer. There’s much more than just the ordinary waiting for you in Townsville – it’s a city brimming with unusual experiences that leave you enchanted, making you want to come back again and again.

Prepare to uncover the quirky, the hidden, and the Best Unusual Things to Do in Townsville.

10 Best Unusual Things to Do in Townsville

1. The Jezzine Barracks

Best forLocal Aboriginal People
AddressMitchell Street North Ward, Queensland, 4810
Contact details611800801902

The Jezzine Barracks, a key location for both the Australian military and the local Aboriginal People, is now open to the public and features parklands, coastal boardwalks, artwork, native flora, and traditional landscaping.

Through 32 specifically commissioned public artworks, copious informative signage, and the restoration of important parts of the Kissing Point Fort complex, the 15-hectare heritage area honors the military and Aboriginal legacy of the Kissing Point peninsula.

Rowes Bay to The Strand coastal path, observation decks at Kissing Point Fort, traditional landscaping along the ethnobotanical walk, Crossed Boomerang Amphitheatre, Norman and Brigadier North parklands, and Kennedy Regiment Plaza are some of the features of the area. 

What makes them stand out

  • Local Aboriginal People
  • Traditional landscaping
  • Commissioned public artworks

The Jezzine Barracks Near By you

Customer Reviews

What a wonderful park! The whole area has been redeveloped recently into a large park with lots of interesting things to see and do. Take a walk on the boardwalk over the ocean, past a nice selection of colorful artworks and creations, or relax on the large grassy areas. There are a number of small shops here too, like little art galleries and so forth. There are lots of parking spaces – even when I’ve been here for events, I’ve still been able to get a park really close. This is a great area for a walk and adds nicely to The Strand foreshore that it adjoins.

2. The Palmetum

Best for Tourist destination
Address University Rd, Douglas QLD 4814
Contact Details 61 1300 878 001

The Palmetum is a botanical garden that focuses on the palm family of plants. All six of the Arecaceae family’s subfamilies are included in the collection. The majority of Australia’s native palm species—about 60 in total—are present. There are over 300 species in the collection, many of which are rare and endangered in their native habitats. The Townsville Palmetum serves as evidence of the power of the locals. This well-known tourist destination was a bicentennial project that the Townsville community helped organize and organize through the Townsville City Council Parks Services.

What makes them stand out

  • Rare and endangered in their native habitats
  • Over 300 species in the collection
  • Botanical garden

The Palmetum Near By you

Customer Reviews

This palm garden is beautiful and relaxing to walk through or sit and have a picnic. There are water lilies along the river edge of the Palmetum. There are some huge spiders in there and saw a python just having a snooze in the garden bed. Worth a visit, maybe not on a very hot day. The is a really nice Cafe at the entrance “Absolute Cravings”, the food is amazing and friendly service.

3. SS Yongala

Best for Offering a high-caliber experience
Address 36 Braby Street, Alva Beach PO BoxNo. 841 Ayr QLD 4807
Contact details 61 7 4783 1519

Since its inception in 2003, they have developed an international reputation for offering a high-caliber experience, knowledgeable staff, safety, and affordability. Alva Beach is the perfect location for its dive center, which also has on-site lodging to accommodate all of its passengers and overnight visitors. They want to give certified divers who travel with them on the Yongala tour a special adventure. They are dedicated to providing an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable experience as an Advanced Eco Tourism-approved operator.

What makes them stand out

  • Offering a high-caliber experience
  • Certified divers who travel
  • Accommodate all of our passengers

SS Yongala Near By you

Customer Reviews

Visited SS Yongala to complete our advance open water and it was simply magical. All the staff from Yongala Dive were friendly, approachable, and professional. Had such a great time that we signed up for a second trip.

4. Castle Hill Lookout 

Best for The ideal location for tourists
Address Castle Hill Rd, Castle Hill QLD 4810
Contact Details 134810

The enormous pink granite monolith known as Castle Hill, which rises proudly in the middle of Townsville and is just a few meters shy of a mountain, is the ideal location for tourists to become oriented. More than 2,500 locals visit Castle Hill’s numerous popular walking trails every day in addition to its automobile access. The journey is certainly worth it to see the 360-degree views of Townsville from the summit. Make sure to have your camera with you because sunrise and sunset are excellent times to take pictures. Castle Hill has a rich history in addition to serving as the city’s unmistakable centerpiece and providing breathtaking views. During World War II, visiting American forces used the Hill’s vantage point. The tourists famously proposed to destroy the hill and use the rock to construct a bridge to Magnetic Island, according to local lore. On one of the Hill’s corners, a World War II observation bunker serves as a reminder of Castle Hill’s military past. Parking spaces, public conveniences, drink stations, and covered seating areas are available at Castle Hill, where you can also enjoy some of the city’s best views and look across to Magnetic Island.

What makes them stand out

  • Hill’s vantage point
  • Sunrise and sunset are excellent
  • Numerous popular walking trails

Castle Hill Lookout Near By you

Customer Reviews

Great lookout, that has the potential to be so much more. Average views of a small city, with a narrow windy road approaching the top. Wasn’t blown away by this lookout and probably wouldn’t go back. Would make for an incredible exercise track though. My highlight was the old watch station.

5. Adrenalin Snorkel and dive

Best for Offers a variety of ‘PADI’ courses
Address 2/39 Plume St, South Townsville QLD 4810
Contact details 61 7 4724 0600

They are the most skilled diving and snorkeling operators in Townsville, running a full-service dive shop with day tours and liveaboards. They travel from Townsville (and Magnetic Island for day tours) to the Great Barrier Reef and the SS Yongala Wreck. Additionally, Adrenalin Snorkel and Dive offer a variety of PADI courses.

They are devoted to preserving the environment. They collaborate with Australian conservation organizations, academics, and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority to inform the public and monitor the reef on their day trips, which have received ECO certification from ECO Tourism Australia. You can unwind knowing that they have over 30 years of experience in marine tourism and that they know the best places to visit on the Great Barrier Reef.

What makes them stand out

  • Offers a variety of PADI courses.
  • 30 years of experience in marine tourism
  • Monitor the reef on our day trips

Adrenalin Snorkel and dive Near By you

Customer Reviews

We had an absolutely amazing time during our day out on the reef with the guys from Adrenalin. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. We jumped on from Maggie Island. It was an awesome day! The team was exceptional and very professional! Brit and Ari ran the day so very well and always made sure everyone was organized and happy. Brendan was our instructor for our intro dive and he did an epic job. His manner, demeanor, and personality made us feel extremely comfortable diving for the first time. Brendan is the perfect bloke to take you for your first dive, so if you’re considering it, 100% do it!

6. Magnetic Island Ferries

Best for Runs to and from the island
Address Breakwater Terminal, Sir Leslie Thiess Dr, Townsville QLD 4810
Contact Details 61 7 4726 0800

You can reserve your ticket online and depart from the Breakwater Ferry Terminal in Townsville at a convenient time that best suits your schedule because the Magnetic Island ferry runs to and from the island continuously throughout the day. By scheduling your journey on the Magnetic Island ferry today, you can discover what all the excitement is about and enjoy some sun and fun in a breathtaking coral setting at your leisure.

What makes them stand out

  • Runs to and from the island
  • Enjoy some sun and fun in a breathtaking coral setting
  • Runs island continuously

Magnetic Island Ferries Near By you

Customer Reviews

Great customer service & a fabulous day out on this ferry service. I was impressed by the friendly helpful nature of their staff from my ticket purchase at the terminal, onboard the ferry to purchase a hot drink to departure and return ferry trip.
Lovely day out for anyone who hasn’t experienced this very personalized ferry service. I really enjoyed the trip with Magnetic Island Ferries & would fully recommend this ferry service to visit Magnetic Island. The island’s local bus service was really fabulous and so handy too to go tour over the island!
Great vibes & 10/10 for these services.
Sadly I can’t say I had the same good vibe & review for SeaLink customer service when I phoned for some information!
The lady was blunt, disinterested & rude!
So it put me off booking with them!

7. Riverway

Best for Fascinating neighborhoods
Address 15 Sporting Dr, Thuringowa Central QLD 4817
Contact Details 134810

Riverway is one of Townsville’s most fascinating neighborhoods, featuring a vibrant mix of residential, commercial, cultural, sporting, and leisure activities. It is situated in Thuringowa Central on the spectacular Ross River frontage.

What makes them stand out

  • Fascinating neighborhoods
  • Spectacular Ross River frontage
  • Vibrant mix of leisure activities 

Riverway Townville Near By you

Customer Reviews

Well worth a visit if you are heading to the Mecca coffee shop for a coffee. Beautiful walk and a relaxing coffee at the end. Plenty to see and do here. From the art complex to a swim in the pool. You can walk along the beautiful tracks and look at the goldfish and turtles feeding on the plants on the side of the river. You can feed them also I guess. It is not hard to find things to do in Townsville. Cheers big ears.

8. Street Art Walking Trail

Best for Uncovering vivid and unexpected exhibitions
Address Flinders Street, Townsville City, Townsville Area Queensland 4810
Contact Details 4727 9011

Explore the inner city of Townsville to find amazing street art in the laneways, alleys, and streets. Keep your eyes open and cameras ready as you travel across the city to uncover vivid and unexpected exhibitions at every turn, from stamps of color to mega-murals. For a free copy of your Street Art Walking Trail map, go to the Townsville Visitor Information Centre on Flinders Street.

What makes them stand out

  • Uncover vivid and unexpected exhibitions
  • Amazing street art
  • Free copy of your Street Art Walking

Street Art Walking Trail Near By you

Customer Reviews

Visit the Information Centre or your hotel may have the leaflet and map which gives you the background of each piece. This is a great activity to fill in an hour or two (if you take your time). Easy walk winding your way through the CBD. The artworks are really good too. You also pass a number of heritage information plaques along the way which is an added bonus.

9. 45 Minute Cape Cleveland and Bowling Green Bay Helicopter Flight

Best for A 45-minute helicopter ride from Townsville
Address Garbutt, Australia
Contact Details 1 (702) 648-5873

With the Townsville coast on one side and its beautiful green wetlands on the other, this lengthy 45-minute helicopter ride from Townsville takes you on an aerial adventure around the rugged coastline to the Cape Cleveland Lighthouse. Along the journey, your skilled and experienced pilot guide will point out the natural attractions as you fly alongside the water to enjoy some of nature’s best views before passing over the area’s ancient lighthouse. Before returning to Townsville, fly over this renowned piece of architecture and take in views of the Bowling Green National Park with its diverse bird population.

What makes them stand out

  • Renowned piece of architecture
  • 45-minute helicopter ride from Townsville
  • Skilled and experienced pilot guide

Customer Reviews

We used Nautilus for our private transfers to and from Orpheus Island and were impressed with their service. Will, our pilot was friendly, and helpful, and told us a lot about the area, the other islands, and some of the wildlife in the area. We’re looking forward to flying with Nautilus again when we return next year.

10. Museum of Underwater Art

Best for Best outdoor art experiences
Address 340 Flinders Street, Townsville City, QLD 4810
Contact Details (07) 4721 3660

The Australian Street Art Awards, which honor the best outdoor art experiences throughout the nation, have announced that the Museum of Underwater Art’s (MOUA) ‘Coral Greenhouse’ at John Brewer Reef has won silver in the Best Sculpture Park or Trail category.

What makes them stand out

  • Best outdoor art experiences
  • Coral Greenhouse’
  • Sculpture Park

Museum of Underwater Art Near By you

Customer Reviews

This is new to Townsville and a cool thing to see more so at night because she lights up. The board tells you what temp the ocean is and every 15mins she goes through the color spectrum. We all thought she was lovely except half her face isn’t lit, we thought was odd. Something different to visit along the strand.


As we come to a close on our examination of the best unusual things to do in Townsville, it becomes abundantly evident that this alluring city is anything from typical. Its undiscovered wonders and outlandish experiences have the capacity to arouse awe in tourists and leave them with priceless memories. Townsville provides a variety of unique adventures for the daring traveler, whether they involve exploring enchanted jungles, diving into the Great Barrier Reef, or solving the mysteries of ancient sites. Explore Townsville’s unique offerings, accept the unexpected, and go off the beaten route because there are priceless experiences waiting to be had here.